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some results and some doubts

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some results and some doubts

Post  nosei on Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:53 pm

hello everybody,
it's the first time I write, but I've been reading for many years trying to find a solution to my diffuse thinning. Well, now I'm quite shure I found which is the reason why I'm thinning, and that is poor blood circulation.
I can say that because I have started to do detumescence massage, and month after month I could see let's say ''lines'' , caused by pinching the scalp, where my hairs were and are regrowing, moreover I found that the regrowth is easier if in doing the massage and pinching the skin I can ''break'' what I think is a tissue calcified on the scalp, indeed I can hear sounds like ''pops'' if I pinch wery strongly.
What I think is that once all the calcified tissue is removed my hair will all grow back. Now the point is to understand what causes calcification: it is caused by poor blood circulation? or is calcification the cause of poor blood circulation?
Massage is helpful in treating it, but it works for symptoms and not for the cause. Do you have any idea about it?


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Re: some results and some doubts

Post  CausticSymmetry on Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:51 am

nosei - A lot can be attributed to calcification. Your diffuse problem could be a thyroid issue or perhaps something else. There are different areas of calcium deposition also.

The body....when it has everything it needs, it can regulate calcium correctly. So when there isn't enough vitamin K2, some problems can occur. Vitamin K2 promotes osteocalcin which is necessary to add to bone, activates matrix Gla protein to cleave from bone and to transport it is a calcium rich area and further inhibit vessel wall calcification. It also keeps vitamin D in check.

Too little vitamin D and too much vitamin D can both promote excess calcium (so taking K2 is important).

Then there's magnesium, which keeps calcium diffuse or in solution. 

Calcium can build-up for reasons that cause poor circulation.

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