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Possible underlying causes of MPB

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Possible underlying causes of MPB

Post  Revan on Mon May 09, 2016 1:18 am

As we have read, MPB is thought to be caused by Fibrosis and inflammation. In another study, it is said that MPB is a result of depletion of subcutaneous fat. Doesn't this say that MPB is not a hair problem but a skin problem of the scalp especially above the galea.

I've been wondering about how is it possible that people with MPB simply just don't have immunity to fight the fibrosis and inflamation. How is it possible that they could be so different from non-balding people? Why is it that people who have bad diets could still have a full head of hair while people who try to eat healthy still becomes bald. Pretty sure genetics has something to do with it but there must be something more to it.

Then I remembered about things that I learned few months ago about people who suffer Pernicious Anemia (PA). PA is a very serious condition which could cause things like brain and nerve damage, memory problems, fatigue etc. The history of PA is long and complex but basically at the time it was discovered experts did not know the reason and did not know how to treat it. As time goes, it was found that PA sufferers were unable to absorb a certain nutrient from the food they eat everyday. Because of PA, Vitamin B12 was discovered for the first time and now this condition is treated exclusively with B12 injections.

So I tried to connect things and ask myself whether it's possible for MPB sufferers to lack some kind of nutrition in their diets. If yes, then how could it happen? Balding people usually eat the same things as what non-balding people eat. Could it happen because of malabsorption just like PA sufferers?
It's no secret that deficiencies could cause health problems and weakened immunity, so it wouldn't be weird to say that deficiencies could also cause problems to the scalp. I read an article few months ago about the possibility of thousands of nutrients still being undiscovered and we don't know their functions in our body. Perhaps it's true after all. Don't you think guys? I mean most non-balding people would probably just eat normal foods and not think about it.
Could it be that there are actually hidden nutrients in our everyday food but MPB sufferers can't absorb them properly?

Could MPB possibly be the same thing? Could it mean that the cure is actually close to us?

What do you think guys? I know it might sound like a weird theory but I am sure people never thought about it.

By the way, sorry for my terrible english. LOL.


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