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In support of eating Fructose

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In support of eating Fructose

Post  cdto2012 on Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:40 am

Just want to share a discovery that has been confirmed since I started my regrow process 7 months ago.  I started with a 13 day fruit juice only fast.  I expected that I would feel acidic and sugar saturated,  but it amazed me that it only felt great for my body.  

This was using regular store bought juice, not organic, not expensive.  I have continued drinking absurd amounts of juice daily, usually 5 liters a day, or if traveling 4 kilograms of oranges or 2 kilos of mangoes a day. I would not recommend to others these high levels to others.  I have just done it because it feels great for my body and I kind of have no ambition to live to an old age - so I do some things to enjoy now.

It is easy to put on a few acceptable pounds, but it seems to be averaging 10 pounds stable of extra weight from the juice. I protect my teeth the best I can with a baking soda rinse and mineral supplements.  For me it is a great way to have the acceptable weight and energy reserves without needing many carbs. I can tell my muscles are happy when I work out with better endurance and performance.  Below I share a bit of research that I did, as to why fructose is a unique sugar and has gotten a bad report.  

My thought is that people have been scared away from two of the healthiest things I have found. The vitamin C and fructose.  The idea of an alkaline body and avoiding sugars made me for years avoid fructose and vitamin C. These have really changed my body chemistry for the better.  Just an obvious fact for me - I can now eat absurd amounts of spicy food and it does not burn my colon.  That is a dramatic change to have the tissue that transformed in the first few weeks.

I reviewed the fructose data again.  It is a worthy study on both sides.  I have attached a link on the lesser told side of the story.  
  Basically eating whole fruits was never claimed to be adverse. The claims about serious problems were done in mice and were detailed in the article as not realistic in humans. The claims are by associated symptoms, not human based trial conclusions.

If fructose is mixed with high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid - along with other junk in sodas - of course people are getting fat from it.  The claim about fructose being an appetite stimulant does not apply to me.  I do think at my excessive levels fructose does convert to fat, but that is not a problem to have stores of energy for me .

As for binding up the liver, this means the sugar is processed slower and released as fat, not so much glucose requiring insulin .  I see no signs of my liver being slowed down. The point of the juice cleanse is to do it until your tongue is healthy pink and eyes white.  My skin is clear, eyes whiter, and tongue properly pink.

 Well it is nice for me to enjoy the good things in life while I can including the spicy Thai curries and foods.


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Re: In support of eating Fructose

Post  johndoe1225 on Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:22 am

Very interesting, thanks!

I agree, I don't consider fruits bad at all either.  Recently (the past week) I've become addicted to grapefruits, eating one whole grapefruit every day (I'd eat more but it would probably spoil my appetite, not to mention they aren't super cheap).

As for the vitamin C, I know this way isn't ideal but I don't worry about that, I try to take 2 grams every day of ascorbic acid.


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