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John3333's Theory of Hairgrowth

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John3333's Theory of Hairgrowth

Post  john3333 on Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:37 am

I interviewed an old friend who was going through hairloss in his early 20s. At the time I thought nothing was wrong with him, but now that I look back I wish I could have done something to help, maybe then he wouldn't have lost so much hair. I should've known when I asked him how he was doing every time I greeted him that his vague answers and his unhappy expression told two complete different stories. We talked about the struggles men with receding hairloss face when searching for a girlfriend, and he urged me to go on Propecia, even though for him it didn't work. It was surprising at the time to know that he was a virgin like me, but let's face it who would want a boyfriend who has the hairline of a 90 year old man? He agreed on my theory that male pattern baldness is caused by stress.

Many scientific studies have noticed a correlation between androgenic alopecia and emotional stress.[1][2][3][4] It has been thought that AGA is caused by a surplus of the DHT hormone, but many who experience AGA have perfectly fine DHT levels. It is my theory that AGA has two steps: 1. A natural spike in DHT, which causes temporary androgenic alopecia 2. Stress is caused by noticing the hairloss. Even after removing the original cause of hairloss, the hairloss disease has already progressed into the final step, the psychosomatic stage, at which point it is pointless to use any vitamins or diets unless you truly have a deficiency. It's also possible that there is no first step, that AGA is completely a psychosomatic illness for some. If this is the case, it's possible hairloss was caused by: the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, increase in financial obligations, getting married, moving to a new home, traumatic event, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, and more. In scientific studies we see anxiety and suicidal thoughts after hairloss, but is it possible that these stress symptoms were also active before the hairloss and caused it? Yes, some people are predisposed to higher levels of stress. What if you don't think you're stressed? That's perfectly normal, because everybody's stress manifests itself in different ways. Reduce stress by the method Mercola created, emotional freedom technique (EFT)

So far I've talked about emotional stress, but physical stress is just as harmful for the hair. Physical stress- orgasm(loss of semen)[5] and bad diet, can also cause hairloss. Often times orgasm and bad diet are caused by and exacerbates emotional stress. Semen is known to contain anti-stress chemicals and if we deplete our testicles of it too much, it will have a disastrous effect on our health and hair. This is why it's extremely rare for women to have androgenic alopecia, unless they're transgender. Semen also contains extremely important proteins for hairgrowth, like taurine, which is often used to combat AGA because men are so deficient after masturbation[6]. It's also been hypothesized that masturbation will increase prolactin, another terrible hormone. Orgasm is caused by the increase of dopamine and other chemicals  in the blood which is what makes it feel good, but those chemicals may also get depleted.

Bad diet is also important and must be addressed. The best diet for hairgrowth is one that will restore the natural balance of nutrients and hormones in the body. To do so, you will need to increase the amount of antioxidants in your hair to prevent free radical damage and loss with a raw diet.[7] Ray Peat and other high fat diets will cause inflammation. [8] High protein diets will make you and your hair age faster.[9][11] High carbohydrate lifestyles, like the one proposed by Harley Johnstone, will heal your hairline. [10] This is why Harley has zero signs of androgenic alopecia.
To sum it up:
Stop masturbation - increases stress , depletes taurine and other important nutrients for the hair. Semen has antidepressant and anti-stress qualities
STOP STRESSING - nothing will make you go bald faster. This is a bit inevitable though. Hairloss-induced loneliness is hard to cure, but we have to keep hope and prayer.
Eat a healthy diet - a Harley diet is important for regrowing thick, strong, and healthy hair
If you follow this guide you will regrow your hair.


I guess the reason why we're all here is the same. I dream of a pure love with a beautiful maiden and I hate to say it but it hurts when I see others enjoy love. I want to know what it feels like to love and be loved. I want to learn everything about her. I want to feel heaven with her. I want to know what heaven feels like dancing with her, but it's so hard to find love looking like this. There are so many beautiful women in this world, and I will regrow my hair and marry one of them. I don't care how many years it takes me- 5, 6, 7 years, or two or three lifetimes it takes me to grow back my hair! Life is not so easy. I can't write a letter to god telling him I don't like the way he made me. I will persevere and I will get results on this precious journey called life and I am so grateful for this chance I have.

Edit: I just found new evidence proving high carbohydrate diets for hairgrowth. Michael Greger has done a ton of unbiased research. People who are on the Ray Peat diet or ketogenic diet should watch all his videos. Okinawans are the healthiest group of people and their diet is mostly sugar
Seventh day Adventists are also in the top 5 healthiest and they mostly eat carbohydrates.

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