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"Kitchen Sink" Herbal Scalp/Hair Spray; Will The Ingredients Conflict With Each Other?

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"Kitchen Sink" Herbal Scalp/Hair Spray; Will The Ingredients Conflict With Each Other?

Post  johndoe1225 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:27 am

Hey everyone!

I just started using a ginger and rosemary hair spray (I call it hair and scalp spray because even though it's meant for your scalp, it will inevitably end up on your hair as well) that is really easy to make yourself, basically make a tea from it and put it in a spray bottle, but then I started to wonder, what would happen if I added a bunch of other herbs to the mixture, such as thyme, sage, parsley, basil, and maybe a few others?  Would this amount of different herbs somehow conflict with each other, reducing the effectiveness of the overall hair/scalp spray?  Would they somehow react negatively with each other?  

If I do add other herbs, I'm going to make it the same way, just adding them to boiling (or simmering) water along with the ginger and rosemary.

I'm really leaning towards no, it wouldn't affect it in a bad way, since all these are healthy, natural herbs, and a very simple search for *insert one of the herbs I mentioned here* tea health benefits provides plenty of results.

Thanks Smile


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