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My scalp-relaxer device listed for sale on ebay

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My scalp-relaxer device listed for sale on ebay

Post  salty on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:09 pm

Have listed a scalp-tension relaxer for sale on ebay here.

There's a small scale but decent study linked to on the ebay page - which is definitely worth a read as it shows most study participants regrew hair to some degree.

Though I sold all the other hair regrowth related items I had up for sale last year - I ended up deciding to keep hold of the scalp relaxer as I had a facial surgery booked, which as a known side-effect, was going to make my scalp really tight. It's fairly standard with this surgery that most people lose hair, but whether or not due to using the scalp-tension relaxer - I didn't lose any. In fact, my hair really seemed to grow better than it usually does while I used the device intensively for 6 months. I have more surgery booked for in a few months and though am loathed to part with this device - am still needing to raise a last bit of funds - and so it is now for sale again!

These devices are few and far between in the UK and seldom come up for sale. I've appreciated it the most of all the hair devices I've utilised, because of it exerting a measurable mechanical effect (i.e. rather than an invisible chemical process) which improves blood flow to the hair roots.

BTW, I've spent many hours considering and speculating how this device might work - in conjunction with my observations of those taking finasteride and the effects they often get. Putting the two together, I don't necessarily think it's that increased blood flow provides more nutrients to hair follicles - but rather, with increased blood flow, it might well be that DHT doesn't build up in the scalp/hair follicles so much. Thus this device might also make an excellent pairing with finasteride (though personally I'm not willing to risk the side effects of finasteride).


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