Hair Growth miracle product * (That is also almost impossible to get)

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Hair Growth miracle product * (That is also almost impossible to get)

Post  Repocity on Sat May 06, 2017 10:12 am

After 5 years of trying everything on the market, one product stood out as being the most effective to virtually immediately grow new hairs. No, it wont make you a chia pet over night but yes you will absolutely see new hairs appear out of nowhere, consistently.

The product is a skin peel made by a company called "A Natural Difference".  (  . Here is the big problem:

It used to be available in 20% strength (the amount needed for regrowth). Over some legal worries, the 20% strength is no longer available to the public. They sell it only to professionals with a peel license.  They sell a 10% on their site but it is NOT enough to get good results.  I know by now some of you are saying "Well, I will just buy some glycolic acid or find some 20% peel on amazon).   Good luck with that but they do not work even close to as good as the peel from this company. Its not about the strength its more the formulation (combined with 20% strength)

One peel in particular gave me better results.  

It depends on ones individual skin sensitivity, but basically you use the peel on your scalp for 15-40 minutes. When its done, brush off the dead skin cells. As you brush them off, you will actually see miracle new hairs that were right under the skin. More hairs will follow in the coming weeks.  You cant use it everyday, its a specific frequency.

Again, not chia pet level growth but noticeable! More than any other pill, method or product I have ever tried.

I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever, I cant even purchase the peel for myself at the moment unfortunately. I need to find someone who knows an esthetician because to get the 20% strength you need to upload a pic of the peel license and number to make the order.

If anyone knows an esthetician who could make this happen, or if you could borrow their license #, I would gladly go in on an order.  Again, these results have not been able to be duplicated using other peels or by brushing alone. It causes cell renewal and overall brings everything to the surface. It also basically makes wrinkles vanish and is a god tier skin product. PM me or respond here and lets make an order so we can all get the benefits.


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