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Steeping Tea For A Long Time = Less Caffeine?

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Steeping Tea For A Long Time = Less Caffeine?

Post  johndoe1225 on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:51 am

Hey everyone

Recently, I was reading up on caffeine in tea. When I make tea, I drop two teabags into a cup of water (I try to stop it just before it boils but usually I don't pay enough attention), and add a bit of raw honey. Then I just let it sit with the teabags in the cup, I don't remove them. I have to wait awhile for it to cool off, I usually drink it when it gets warm.

I read in a few places where people have said that if you brew your tea for a short time, you get a lot of caffeine (or the maximum for whatever tea you are using), and if you brew it for longer, the caffeine content gets reduced because of catechins.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks Cool

EDIT: Here's a quote:

"Stimulant action of tea is strongest when allowed to steep for only 25 min. as caffeine dissolves quickly in hot water. Longer steeping times (1020 min.) will increase the yield of catechins, which decreases the stimulant effect because the polyphenols bind the caffeine."

Source: Clinical Overview - Tea, Black/Green

So if someone were looking to reduce their caffeine intake, the way I make my tea is good?

Also, I just throw out the two teabags when I finish the tea, would there be any point to saving them to use in my next cup of tea, so I'd have two fresh bags and two old bags in the cup, or would the beneficial properties of the tea be totally used up by then? I'm not concerned about flavor.


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