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Go down - Anyone seen this site?

Post  helpmyhair1 on Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:05 am

Was checking out this site (in title) of a guy who claims to have regrown most of his hair back. He has pictures.

A big redflag is that he is selling an eBook. However, in a blog post, he gives away pretty much his whole regimen:

The regimen actually looks pretty decent, which makes me thing this could be real. He attributes his success to the following:

1) Pro-thyroid Diet... which sounds like a Peat kind of diet. He wrote this as his diet: "More Fruits, More saturated fats, Milk, Chicken, Fish, Rice, Potato, Carrot Salad, organic eggs." Also he checks his pulse/temp.. so very Peaty, except for the chicken of course.

2) Scalp exercises - He says he does DT and the Towel method, which we've seen here before. He attributes alot of his success to doing this along with the above diet.

3) Supplements - He says to reverse calcifications, he added Vitamin D3 and K2. To reverse fibrosis he would drink guava juice and orange juice which contain apigenin and naringenin.

He also mentions doing nail rubbing, onion juice topical to get rid of seborric dermatitus and fungus, and emu+castor oil.

Anyway, there it is pretty much... if you look at his before/after pic at the link above, its pretty impressive. And a lot of the things he does, many of us have talked about here, so it could be legit. Or he could just be putting together known remedies to make quick money.

All this being said, one of my issues is an itchy scalp/shedding. I wonder if seborric dermatitus is an issue for me, and if onion juice is actually a good treatment for it. Seems like it would be acidic and burn the scalp, but who know. Maybe some of you will comment with your experiences.


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