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DHT Inhibition - Bought Time?

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DHT Inhibition - Bought Time?

Post  SonofOdin on Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:56 am

Some of you may recall my story: Hit age 22, and had aggressive mpb that brought me into NW4 territory. After failed natural approaches, I resorted to 0.5mg finasteride, and have been on it for 3-4 years now(I lost track). During this time, I began DT at the same time, but that is a topic for another thread. I ceased the DT after a full year of doing so because I wanted to see if my hair could support itself on finasteride alone, and it did, but my regrowth ceased.

Speaking of regrowth, I returned to roughly NW 2.5 and could now easily disguise my recession. Now, over the course of several years I've begun to notice the gradual waning in effectiveness of finasteride. I'm now a NW3, or worse. The recession has been gradual and has snuck up on me over the years, because I barely notice any shedded hair anymore...

However, the point of this thread is to provide another anecdotal report to a phenomenon that isn't talked about enough, but is very important for those of you who think that you can try your hand at naturals and have a surefire 'way out' via finasteride. It's not, for many people. What you're doing is buying time. This is relevant for those of you using the Saw Palmetto + Beta Sisosterol combo as well. Some believe that the medication just gradually ceases to work but I do not believe that. I believe that over time the follicles just become increasingly sensitive to DHT that it's no longer enough.

The next step for many of these individuals is to hop on dutasteride. The old me would have. But I am older and wiser now. I felt weird on even just a 1mg dosage of finasteride and found 0.5mg tolerable. But to completely nuke my DHT to the extent that dutasteride would is not worth the cost. So the takeaway is I think using the Saw Palmetto + Beta Sis combo is probably one of the best ways to buy yourself some time but you need to be optimizing your health and constantly be learning about hair in the meantime. As for myself, I carried on with my life, and my visits to this forum became sparse compared to when I first realized my condition. I should have still been researching, and still been doing what I can to maximize my health.

I may have a followup thread related to a DT experiment because there still seems to be a lot of interest. This is my next step, and I plan to share my theory on how DT functions. I believe DT needs to be stacked with other treatments and that it rarely works as a standalone, but I do not wish to make the thread until I have photographic evidence to share. It'll either be a report on the effectiveness of DT, or the lack thereof; and if months pass and I do not update and you wish to know how this all ends, prod me in PM.

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