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Antioxidants could reduce muscle gains?

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Antioxidants could reduce muscle gains?

Post  Beowulf on Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:47 am

Hey guys. I'd love to hear your perspective on this study, for those interested.

I heard about it through Jorn Trommelen's page, a Dutch doctor specializing in muscle protein synthesis studies. I just started following him after seeing an interview with him and Jeff Nippard on YouTube. The summary below is from his caption linking to the study:

"Excessive oxidative stress can cause damage to tissues. Therefore, oxidative stress is often labeled as something ‘bad’. Anti-oxidants can reduce oxidative stress and are therefore seen as ‘good’.

However, oxidative stress is not necessarily bad and anti-oxidants are not necessarily good. Some oxidative stress can actually be beneficial.

For example, exercise increases oxidative stress in muscle. This oxidative stress stimulates the muscle to adapt. High-doses of anti-oxidants can reduce the exercise-induced oxidative stress, thereby reducing some of the training adaptations.

The infographic shows that anti-oxidant supplementation reduced the lean body mass gains in older adults during a prolonged resistance training program.

In addition to lean body mass gains, anti-oxidant supplementation may reduce:
- strength gains (1)
- mitochondrial biogenesis (2)
- insulin sensitivity (3)

Does this mean that anti-oxidants should completely and always be avoided in athletes?

No, there may be some conditions where anti-oxidant supplementation may be beneficial. Anti-oxidant supplementation can reduce muscle damage and the decrease in muscle performance as result of intense exercise (4). Thus, anti-oxidant supplementation may be beneficial during multi-day competition where the maintenance of performance is more important than the stimulation of training adaptations.

Also, note that the studies that observed negative effects of anti-oxidants have used large doses of anti-oxidants. For example, the study in the infographic supplemented with 500 mg vitamin C and 117.5 mg vitamin E. Oranges are known to be rich in vitamin C, but only contain about 70 mg of vitamin C.

In summary, high-dose anti-oxidant supplementation may hinder several training adaptations such as lean body mass gains."

The main point against it was that due to the short half life of vitamin C, the effect might be reduced if it was taken a further time appart before or after working out, as in the study it was taken right before and after training. Another point was that it was a very high dose that was given.

I was wondering what you guys thought about how this would affect the timing for taking the Immortal Hair supplement regimen, if it affects it at all, in relation to maximizing muscle growth, and if the dosage is comparable to that in the study.

Cheers in advance!


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Re: Antioxidants could reduce muscle gains?

Post  CausticSymmetry on Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:01 pm

A did a few posts on this over the years because many were confused.

The only antioxidants you would want to avoid a few hours before or after a more strenuous work out would be Vitamin E family or high-dose C.

Here's some info about the other antioxidants, which actually enhance performance, etc.

My regimen

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