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Mental hair transplant (via Meditation)

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Do you notice a difference in sensations between top portion of your scalp and the sides (including back side) ?

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Mental hair transplant (via Meditation)

Post  zn on Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:17 am

We are attacking hair loss in multiple ways - through diet, through medication and/or through physical scalp exercises or Yoga poses, Lets also attack it from the mental side ! For some time now, I have been thinking of a mental approach to solve this issue and I have been spending some time on practicing it daily.

Firstly, I would like to conduct a poll, please respond to the ABOVE poll, about the kind of sensations that you feel in your scalp region.

A motivation for the method I describe is :
In short, "A phantom limb is the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached and this sensation is usually painful. The mirror box provides a reflection of the intact hand or limb that allows the patient to "move" the phantom limb, and to unclench it from potentially painful positions." The potential for a person to benefit from mirror therapy appears to be related to the subjective ability of the patient to internalize the reflection of a complete limb as their own limb.

In conclusion, what we understand is we can train the body using the mind and maybe some external aid.

My Mental Hair transplant (MHT) Meditation technique is as follows:
1) I sit cross legged on floor and focus my attention on feeling the breath come in & go out, at the tip of the nostrils and just above the lips for the first 5-10 mins.
The purpose of this first step is purely to improve concentration and practice maintaining continuity of focus on a specific area.

2) Next, Observe the sensations on the top of the head, back side of the head, sides of the head etc.

3) Now, using imagination, start trying to replace the sensations in the top of the scalp with the sensations on the sides.
OR Try to imagine that Doctors have performed a transplant such that the entire strip covering left side, backside and right side of scalp is now placed on top of the head, such that it covers the temple regions and top of the scalp.

All the sensations/feelings you feel on the back portion of your scalp, you should try to SUPERIMPOSE them on the top portion of scalp.
This takes effort and concentration, but with practice you begin to change SENSATIONS on the top of your scalp, atleast for the duration of your meditation.

Today in my 30 minutes session, I managed to feel a kind of casual, mild, stress-free sensation (that is usually on sides) on top region of scalp for sometime.

I believe such a Mental transplantation of sensations , can change the way body behaves and potentially create growing environment for follicles. If the body is fooled through constant effort and practice just like in the case of "Mirror Box", it will begin to adapt and show results.

Maybe some kind of latent stress in the top of the scalp is attracting DHT and causing it to react with follicles in this region. Maybe something else, I don't know. But if conditions that exist in the sides of scalp are simulated in the top of the scalp, there may exist a chance for regrowth is my hope.

Let the experiments, your own variations of above technique, findings and reports begin, I have faith in this community. Looking for disciplined practitioners who can accompany me in this journey for at least 6 months.



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