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bad posture and hairloss

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Re: bad posture and hairloss

Post  SuperMechanioventraliosis on Sat May 09, 2015 6:58 am

MikeGore, I am convinced posture is a big part of it.

I think maybe posture is not the main cause, but something else gives rise to a bad posture, which adds up to the injury
Just a bunch of what ifs:
You have seasonal allergy, you take up a bad posture to breath through mouth, muscle imbalnce and restriction of movement and blood flow follows.

You are fatigued from sitting too much, instead of resting you take up a hanging forward head posture, which seems to give you longer stamina, but again damaging muscle balance and blood flow long term.

The body is a chain of flexors and extenders balancing each other, not just 1on1, but several muscles act against each other.
Forward head posture is restricting blood flow through the spine you can just imagine how the top part would be restricted. ... And I don't even think that is hitting the scalp flow.
Creating muscle imbalances, weak neck muscles that can't counteract the whole back.
This guy makes a pretty good picture of the imbalance Start at 3:05
So now I'm not sure how, but I think this imbalance is affecting the occiptofrontalis muscle, that is trying to compensate for the lack of the force from the rest of the front body.

I am also convinced bad jaw posture,  creates imbalance of power output  of m temporalis /m masseter when chewing. I think I've read that the m temporalis function is balacing the jaw, instead of delivering huge force required for chewing. M masseter is the "muscle" and temporalis is the "brain".
Overused temporalis, I THINK, is either increasing lactic acid in the scalp, or restricting blood flow.

Besides all of that, the diaphraghm is a big big balance muscle, and when functioning properly, it is helping in aiding blood flow (I don't remember exacltly how, but the diaphragm is a big aid in getting blood away from the chest and also incresaing venous blood return to the heart)
Also alot of the major lymphatic nodes are located close beneath the diaphragm. proper posture makes the diaphragm compress the abdominal area, increasing lymph flow all over.
Aiding in digestion too, because of the increased abdominal pressure.

Bad posture can equal weak abs, that can't hold the required high abdominal pressure for propery lymph, blood flow and digestion.
Or maybe the whole chest is not compressed and hard enough, so chest pressure isn't increasing properly.

There is a lot. It saddens me when people who haven't read on the physiology of the body is so quick to dismiss such interesting ideas.
Kinda reminds me of the church, dismissing the whole "earth is round and not the center of the universe" thought.

ps I am just throwing this out there, "Yes I support this idea" is not doing it for me. Smile


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Re: bad posture and hairloss

Post  sanderson on Sat May 09, 2015 11:52 am

Upright posture influences salivary cortisol.

This study was designed to investigate the influence of posture on salivary cortisol concentrations in healthy volunteers. In a balanced cross-over design 24 subjects were exposed at 1 week intervals to different body positions (sitting [S], lying [L] upright [U]) for 20 min in each condition. Before, during and after the experimental treatment measures of blood pressure, heart rate and saliva samples for determining the free fraction of cortisol were obtained. Furthermore, at corresponding time points a questionnaire on emotional states was completed. In addition, subjects were requested to complete personality questionnaires before the experiment and to rate their emotional states during saliva sampling. Results clearly indicate that the circadian decrease of cortisol concentrations was present only in the conditions [S] and [L] whereas in [U] salivary cortisol concentrations increased significantly. As expected, heart rate accelerations associated with a marked reduction of systolic blood pressure were observed in [U]. To further examine the relationship between hormonal and cardiovascular responses as indicators of autonomic activation, correlations between change scores were computed indicating that a relationship between cardiovascular responses and cortisol increases is not restricted to [U]. Positive correlations were observed between changes in systolic blood pressure and changes in cortisol concentrations in both conditions [U] and [L]. Posture does not affect emotional states indicating independence between posture induced physiological responses and experienced discomfort. Posture therefore should be adequately controlled, since those non-specific increases of hormones may interfere with state or trait dependent responses. Data are discussed with respect to the importance to control for posture in field and experimental studies and to possible mechanisms of posture induced changes in cortisol.

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Re: bad posture and hairloss

Post  MikeGore on Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:06 am

So could slouching also increase the tension on the top of the head? I know my posture is quite bad. The problem is, hair loss regrowth takes way too long to see if posture correction is fixing the hair loss problem.


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Re: bad posture and hairloss

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