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Fluoride Bromine Chlorine IODINE...great info article..discuss Calcium, Mag and Potassium too

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Fluoride Bromine Chlorine IODINE...great info article..discuss Calcium, Mag and Potassium too

Post  RobHealthMan on Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:58 pm

CS and others...this is interesting info....reveals a lot. Is this author correct about how Iodine reacts to fluoride, bromine and chlorine?;read=146203

Too Much Fluoride/Bromide/Chlorine & Not Enough Iodine

Posted By: GnoseBob
Date: Sunday, 3-May-2009 17:01:03

Dr. Wright's SSKI is another good source for iodine in addition to Lugol's solution. Super Saturated Potassium Iodide.
Sodium Bromide is it, that is the universal preservative found in processed foods? Excess Bromine and Isopropanol were found in all cancer victims in the first book on cancer written by Hulda Clark. And of course the chlorine producers flood us with their toxicity.

Fluoride was used by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in their labor camps.

Meet the Halogens: Fluorine (F), Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl), Iodine ( I )

When I started looking into iodine/kelp supplementation, I found some interesting correlations with fluoride (used in water & toothpaste) and bromide (used in most processed flours and foods). Have you ever heard of halogen displacement? Here's a hint it is not about your car's headlights. It seems that fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine are intimately related because their outer electron shells are the same. This means that when iodine levels are low, any of the other 3 elements can fit into iodine receptor sites and create problems. It is like putting water into a gas tank. Although all four of the above halide elements are present naturally in small amounts in seaweed, for example, excess fluoride, bromide, and chlorine in our diets can adversely affect weight, mood, skin, and the potential for cancer, just to name a few. All three can be extremely toxic, yet they are added, in abundance, to our food and drinking water. Even some medications, such as Prozac, are fluorine based.

Too much fluoride, bromine, or chlorine blocks iodine from doing its job. Fluoride suppresses the pineal gland (the seat of higher consciousness) . Fluoride was used in WWII Germany to make prisoners "stupid and docile". Bromide affects the central nervous system in a variety of ways, limiting the conduction of energy. Chlorine creates carcinogenic compounds. Consider that iodine is a higher energy molecule than the other three halides. Since the pineal gland is suppressed, I wonder if the combined effect from fluoride, chlorine, and bromide could suppress intuitive abilities. Could taking enough iodine make some people smarter or more psychic as their bodies are able to conduct more energy? Enhance creativity? Maybe energy healers could conduct more energy? Hmmm.

The good news is that high dosages of iodine/kelp will help eliminate the excessive fluoride/bromine/ chlorine. The only caveat is that as therapeutic amounts of iodine are introduced, this will cause fluoride/bromine/ chlorine to be excreted from the body, and temporary detox reactions/symptoms can occur like rashes, headache, body odor, etc - but it is a good thing. (A salt preparation called Sole' may help with this see info on bromine below). A very few individuals may be sensitive to iodine, so it is sensible to take it slowly and/or consult a holistic physician for guidance.

Although the minimum RDA of iodine is 130mcg daily, the toxic load of all the fluoride, chlorine, and bromide in our diets far over-shadows this paltry amount. Consider that the Japanese on average consume about 100 times the US RDA of iodine in the form of seaweed. Cancer rates, cases of osteoporosis, and many other diseases are significantly less than in the US. Before bromine was introduced to our foods, US cancer rates were 1 in 20. Now they are 1 in 8. It would seem prudent to avoid fluoride toothpastes & get a water filter that removes fluoride & chlorine from the water. Also, pay attention to food packaging. Most flour is brominated, so it will be hard to avoid. The links below are food for thought. (Note: None of this is medical advice Consult your doctor with any questions.)

Iodine Yahoo Group: iodine/

Iodine Research Site:

"Extrathyroidal Benefits of Iodine" from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Lugol's Solution is one way to supplement with iodine. This site sells Lugol's Solution very cheaply. It is pennies per dose: Some say to mix the drops with a little apple cider vinegar or grape juice in water.

Kelp Seaweed extract:

Iodine Supplementation Excretes Excess Fluoride & Bromide:

Some Background & History on Fluoride use:
http://ezinearticle Price-of-Too-Much-Fluoride&id=1134567

Fluoride accumulates in the Pineal Gland. Could this affect our Higher Consciousness? : in_pineal_ gland.htm

Video by a Dentist about what fluoride is all about (note the comparison of fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water!! What are the implications? ):

Some info about Bromine (found in almost all foods, ie flours and processed foods, and many soft drinks):

A low salt diet may increase bromine concentrations. Good salt (Himalayan, Celtic, Redmonds) helps with excretion of bromine. Taking Sole' made from any good salt might be a good idea:

Excess bromine acts as a depressant and narcotic, particularly to the brain and nervous system. Bromine lessens the sensitiveness of the nerves and their conductivity, and are also powerful depressants on the heart and sex organs, often causing loss of sex power.

Chlorine blocks zinc, another important mineral. "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine." - U.S. Council of Environmental Quality.

Halogen Imbalance Syndrome (HIS) (From

HIS is a real phenomenon, which deals not only with whether we are short in Iodine (which most are), but rather with a more holistic view that the body is more healthy when there is a proper balance of iodine, bromine, chlorine and fluoride in the body.

People believe they're well informed and sometimes even hung up on calcium, magnesium, potassium supplements, etc. as relieving them from leg cramps, insomnia, etc., yet they completely ignore the four halogens in their lives, which reside on the other side of the periodic table. The main reason for this is that most people are programmed how to think by the Big Media moguls, who control what is printed and broadcast.

Ca, Mg & cet. are all electropositive elements, whereas the halogens Fluorine (F), Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl), Iodine ( I ) are all electronegative, with fluorine being the most electronegative, and most reactive of all elements in the periodic table. Every day people drink tons of fluoride, bromide, and chloride in this country and globally. Yet, there is an iodine shortage. And chlorine, bromine, and fluorine can all take up residence in body tissues where iodine is normally supposed to be, because they are in the same element family in the periodic table, and have identical outer electron structures.

To ignore the electronegative elements and focus only on the electropositive may be a huge mistake.

Consuming elevated quantities of iodine in the short term may flush out excesses of fluorides, bromide, and chloride that are present in many body tissues. It can in many cases be desirable to eliminate the overpopulation of undesirable halogens, and put back the iodine where it needs to be. Once this is done, one only needs avoid excessive amounts of fluoride and bromides, and continue on maintenance amounts of iodine.

Best regards,
Bob Taft
The Taft Ranch
Upton, Wyoming


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Re: Fluoride Bromine Chlorine IODINE...great info article..discuss Calcium, Mag and Potassium too

Post  CausticSymmetry on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:47 am

RobHealthMan - All great info here! We collectively discussed this quite some time ago and nice to see it brought up again here, b/c this never be understated.

My regimen

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Re: Fluoride Bromine Chlorine IODINE...great info article..discuss Calcium, Mag and Potassium too

Post  teacup on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:25 am

How do I tell if the flour or bread has bromine in it? organic, gluten free.. is bromine less likely to be found in these?
What should I look for on the labels?

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Re: Fluoride Bromine Chlorine IODINE...great info article..discuss Calcium, Mag and Potassium too

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