Help! Neuropathy and Hair Loss!

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Help! Neuropathy and Hair Loss!

Post  taidan on Mon May 07, 2012 11:24 am

Hi Guys, 22 with MPB and lots of health problems...scalp inflammation and pimpled definitely part of it.

Long story short, I have methylation issues that I correct and feel better...but hten have to stop because it causes inlammation and neuropathy! (I think more glutathione -> TH1 shift).

Anything that supresses immune system makes me sic (fishoil) , but things like zinc (TH1?), methylation supps (TH1?), magnesium (increases AA by upreglating delta 5 reductase?) give me parasthesia and muscle twitching, brainfog and neuropathy type symptoms!

My issues are so non specific, that I have not been diagnoses with an official autoimmune disease yet, but I do have a positive ANA.

I need to cool down the inflammation, so I can get my methylation working again...but I need to get rid of pathogens I think first?

Like the MP says, vit d makes me worse, and my 1.25 25oh ratio fits the bill per their calculator.

I also have adrenal issues so I can' exactly go crazy on the cutler protocol. My hair mercury is borderline, but I don't fit the counting guidelines. I also have pyrroluria, but again zinc gives me neuropathy and I need to stay away from B6 as I have an upregulated CBS (als MTHFR ++ and COMT ++).

I got my tonsils out because I would get frequent infections and I have border CMV titers. I think one of the hidden pathogens is CMV that is triggering my immunge genes and causing inflammation... HELP!! where do I start with this mess?!



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Re: Help! Neuropathy and Hair Loss!

Post  Lurx on Tue May 08, 2012 4:07 am

You sound like you know a lot more than I do, but have you read any messages posted online by "Freddd"? Dude has some good insights into adverse methylation and nervous system reactions.

Here's one of his messages, which might give a rough idea. If not you could try searching around for posts by him on that forum. Here's one on zinc...

Are you taking any oils for the pyrroluria? I have all the downstream deficiencies of PU and borage oil tends to take the edge off my scalp inflammation.


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